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How Much is that Doggie in the Window
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How Much is that Doggie in the Window

I am a Maltipoo
Hi ,my name is Lyle and I am very special ,I didn't come from a pet store !

Doris Day came out with that song when I was a young girl .
I loved to sing it and listen to it .I was not allowed a small dog .We lived in the country and was only allowed to have larger ones .For hours at a time I would look through books at Poodles and Maltese and any small dog .All the time I would be humming under my breath 'How much is that doggie in the window ,I do hope that doggie 's for sale '
I loved animals ,more than people .I wanted a cat with a passion only a child would understand .More than anything .But ,I also wanted that small baby dog ,one I could cuddle with ,love ,take with me wherever I went .I was day dreaming constantly about it .
The first poodle I ever owned ,I was in my 20's and found him in the middle of a 4 lane hiway stopping traffic .I opened my car door and said 'Come here you little stopper of cars ' and he came .I put notices up and ran an ad but no one ever claimed him .I named him Stopper and he was my joy .A small black poodle that was my shadow and my life as long as I had him .
After Stopper ,for many years I had no other dogs except for the rescues I would find and help to find homes for .But I was never happy ,I longed to have another Stopper and cats and birds .I was still singing in my dreams .
Yes ,I had a Rhodesian Ridgeback ,chows and other large dogs and I loved them but something was missing .
How and why I got into raising maltepoos/maltipoos was an accident or fate ...whatever you want to call it ,but it happened .And after the first one ,I knew what I wanted to do .if you could only talk to people like Denise ,Sheree or Nancy or even Beth ,my newest customer ,listen to their experiences with one of my babies .Hear their stories of need  and dreams of the 'doggie in the window ',you would know I do it for love .If you hear my dreams and thoughts you would know why .
how much is that doggie is a pet store song ,wrote and sang and cherished in times of trouble and adversity and when pet stores brought a whole new meaning to the word 'pet '.Now a pet store brings a whole new meaning to the word breeder.Do not confuse the two .I am not a pet store or a pet store breeder .I still sing
'how much is that doggie in the window ,the one with the waggity tail '.I sing it to my babies ,along with other songs .My bird Wilson and I sing "I love the birds ,I love the birds ,I love the little bitty birds " We also sing "Jesus loves the little doggies ,all the doggies of the world ,red and yellow ,black and white ,they are precious in his site ' and 'Buddy boys ,buddy girls ....the best little buddies in the whole wide world "
We SING here because we are finally happy ,happy we do what we do ,happy we have the best little babies we can and happy cause we finally have our dream ...cats and dogs and birds and a life full of love and laughter and we SING ..........................

Don't buy from a pet store .You only encourage those breeders that have cages stacked high ,that put out hundreds of puppies a year with no reguard to health of the puppies or the parents .You as a pet owner ,animal lover have the obligation to help stop this type breeding .There are as many purebreeds there as there are crosses ,don't be fooled .There are also breeders that sell for high prices and do not put into the parents or the puppies any care ,they do not take puppies to a vet ,these breeders are on my black list .Although I do not give out names ,I advise all to carefully ask about the type care a puppy or adult recieves BEFORE you buy .
WHether you buy from Poos-4-U or another breeder ,ask the questions ,get the answers and stay away from pet stores except for food and necessary items ,a pet store should not carry dogs ,cats or other animals .....ask my bird Wilson ,she will tell you ..
Pet stores should carry items for pets ,not pets themselves ....How much is that doggie in the window was and still is a classic .it is breeders and Pet stores that have changed the name of the song to mean far less than it should ....Sing it ...dream it ....but don't take the words and put it in your routine ,DON't BUY FROM A PET STORE ! .....Thank you


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